Barnegat Light Climbing

Today was super exciting I climbed the light house in New Jersey. It was 217 steps all the way up and down and 163 feet tall.  I did this with my family and some other friends.  It was a big accomplishment for me because it was so steep and hot inside the lighthouse. Once we got to the top we saw lots of boats, steep rocks, fish, and the sparkling water!!! I was so excited that day!:)


RIP Ricky

The other day we turned a very sad event into a happy experience!  We saw a poor turtle walking across the road and an unfocused driver ran the poor thing over, they scooted it onto the side of the road and drove away.   Then we ran to the other side of the road to make sure it was okay but the shell was snapped into several pieces.

We were all very sad about this but at the same time we had to run over to the sandcastle contest.  So we changed our plans for the sandcastle and we made a beautiful turtle and her babies walking across the road to show TURTLES ARE CROSSING OFTEN SLOW DOWN!!!  It was a fun time we all got bracelets and a ribbon for second place.  We named the turtle Ricky and thought it was a good day because we showed a good lesson in our sandcastle and we will remember the lesson and poor turtle forever!

Here is a shout out to my followers thank you for following me especially to my teachers!!!

End Of Summer Blues:(

Sadly it is getting to be the end of summer for me and I am a little upset but I am looking forward to managing the varsity soccer team, riding horses after school, learning new things, and most importantly seeing all of my friends and making new ones:)

Right now we are half way through our summer vacation.  Some of the things I am still looking forward to this summer is Just Bead It where I am able to make my own jewelry, mini golfing, arcade, and climbing the lighthouse.  Well I am excited to do all this but I am sad because in a week we will be heading home and leaving Long Beach Island.

I will keep you updated while I try to enjoy the rest of my summer!!!







Horsing Around

Are there any girls out there who are looking for a horse?   I don’t have a horse but I do have a wonderful horse that I am able to ride!  His name is Bo. He is a 14 year old boy who very much enjoys horsing around.  When I go to put him back in the pasture he goes to where all of the fresh dirt is and gets his well groomed coat all dirty and covers himself with mud.  I go to my friend’s farm to ride him 🙂 She is in college and is a really good friend and teacher!  There are so many other horses she has.  My sister rides a huge horse named Red he is also a really good boy who enjoys horsing around.

… Mom & Dad I am not horsing around get me a horse!!!


Dive Into A Great Book

My day started with a trip to the local bookstore (The Book Worm).  The Book Worm is one of my favorite bookstores.  I picked up two interesting books… Drama & Owls.  I’m a bit of a book worm myself so I finished the entire book Drama in a day.  I read constantly on the beach, on my bed and in my backyard.

Then surprisingly while I was on the beach reading my book cover to cover I noticed a couple of dolphins jumping in the water.  They were absolutely beautiful and there was an entire pod.  Then I started to take pictures of them over and over.

BTW, do you think owls and dolphins like worms as much as I do?