Meet My Pets

Welcome back today I will be talking about all of my pets so get ready because I have a whole lot!!!  First I have three wonderful guinea pigs they are named Luna,A.J. (A.J. stands for Apple Juice My brother named her), and I also have Bailey.  Luna and Bailey are sisters they are almost a year old A.J. is around eight months. Some things they like to do is eat fruits and veggies, be playful, and hide in pillow cases.

The next animal is a rabbit! She is about eight years old and has a beautiful black coat, a big fluffy tail, and a bright pink nose.  Some things Midnight enjoys doing is hopping under heaters, hiding under blankets, and sleeping.  Midnight is a very sweet and playful rabbit.

I also have two amazing dogs named Dobbie and Toby.  Dobbie is a little chihuahua who we found lost about a year ago we decided to give him a home so we adopted him!!!  Dobbie has big eyes and ears and is super sweet.  He enjoys going on walks, eating my brothers army men, and playing with Toby.  Toby is a black lab coon hound mix.  He is five years old and enjoys playing with Dobbie, chasing our cats, and snuggling.  These two dogs are incredible:).

We also have three cats they are super fun to hang out with and play with.  One  is an eight year old tabby cat who enjoys eating, relaxing, and trying to sneak out doors because she is an indoor cat.  Her name is Evie and she belongs to my sister she is super fat and has little tail.  She is a great companion and a great pet!!!  The other two are calicos they are named Orange Face and Callie.  Callie is my kitten she is four years old and enjoys being the center of attention, sleeping, and hunting for mice.  She is super sassy and and sneaky and incredible!!!  Orange Face is a seven year old and she enjoys  stalking the guinea pigs, sleeping, and eating her treats!!!  They are incredible cats:).

The final animal is my pet fish who is named Cat Bait.  He loves to hide under his Indian Almond Leaf, swim in the plant that is in the fish tank, and looking at the guinea pigs at night.  He is a wonderful betta!!!

There is also a chicken she is unnamed and currently live at my best friends house!!!

This is all of our pets SO FAR Thank you for reading my blog!!!







Mini Golfing

The other day I went mini golfing it was super fun we all got to pick our own colors for our balls and we also got to pick out our golf clubs!!!  There were also very neat obstacles that we had to go through to be able to get to the end of the mini golfing course.  Some of us lost our balls in the fountain and we had to fish them out with a net that was provided in case it happened and in our case it happened several times.  But it was a super fun and a hot day!!!

Does anybody think that mini golfing isn’t that much smaller than regular golfing?

Just Bead It

Today we had lots of fun at a neat store where you just bead it.  Here you are able to make anklets, necklaces, bracelets, and decorations for your hair.  I decided to make a necklace so I can where it all the time.  It took forever because there were so many interesting and cool beads.  You have tons of choices and we all had a very hard time deciding!!!  Finally when we all had choices we started building.  I chose some aqua beads, two of my birthstones and for my charm I chose a giraffe. It was a a beautiful necklace when it completed!!!  I was the first one to finish and when we were checking out knowing me I dropped it so then I had to start from scratch but it was still a good time.:)

Barnegat Light Climbing

Today was super exciting I climbed the light house in New Jersey. It was 217 steps all the way up and down and 163 feet tall.  I did this with my family and some other friends.  It was a big accomplishment for me because it was so steep and hot inside the lighthouse. Once we got to the top we saw lots of boats, steep rocks, fish, and the sparkling water!!! I was so excited that day!:)


RIP Ricky

The other day we turned a very sad event into a happy experience!  We saw a poor turtle walking across the road and an unfocused driver ran the poor thing over, they scooted it onto the side of the road and drove away.   Then we ran to the other side of the road to make sure it was okay but the shell was snapped into several pieces.

We were all very sad about this but at the same time we had to run over to the sandcastle contest.  So we changed our plans for the sandcastle and we made a beautiful turtle and her babies walking across the road to show TURTLES ARE CROSSING OFTEN SLOW DOWN!!!  It was a fun time we all got bracelets and a ribbon for second place.  We named the turtle Ricky and thought it was a good day because we showed a good lesson in our sandcastle and we will remember the lesson and poor turtle forever!

Here is a shout out to my followers thank you for following me especially to my teachers!!!

End Of Summer Blues:(

Sadly it is getting to be the end of summer for me and I am a little upset but I am looking forward to managing the varsity soccer team, riding horses after school, learning new things, and most importantly seeing all of my friends and making new ones:)

Right now we are half way through our summer vacation.  Some of the things I am still looking forward to this summer is Just Bead It where I am able to make my own jewelry, mini golfing, arcade, and climbing the lighthouse.  Well I am excited to do all this but I am sad because in a week we will be heading home and leaving Long Beach Island.

I will keep you updated while I try to enjoy the rest of my summer!!!