Christmas Shopping (for pets!!!)

It is now December and it is time for some Christmas shopping but today we specifically went shopping for the pets!!!  This is because I love my pets so much and animals mean just as much so today I went shopping for the guinea pigs cats and dogs.  For the guinea pigs I got them mainly chew toys so I got one a small house made out of hay to chew on and a dangling chew toy including another chew toy shaped in a cube.  For the cats we got the some catnip to put in some of there old warn out ones and a scratching post.  Lastly we got the dogs new collars cause the others are fading from being chewed on and taken on and off.  Happy December!!!

Book Challenge!!!

In school we are doing a book challenge to see who can read 30 books first.  Me and one of my friends are tied at the moment and we are anxiously reading books to get ahead of one another but it is a little hard.  This is because we always love to read books and it is like we read at the exact same time.  But the classes are all doing really well with the book challenge!!!

Soccer Season Ending

I don’t know about any body else but soccer is my favorite.  So far our entire Milford school  has finished up and only the rec soccer kids have two games left.  I was also the varsity Soccer Manager so that is all done and now only two games left until basketball and softball/baseball.  But I also have travel soccer starting so I am able to play 10 months out of the year which is super exciting.