For this spring break it was very exciting this is because we traveled to North Carolina the first day to visit our grandparents. Here we went shopping and to a zoo there was so many unique things that I can’t see in New York.  Then after we went to North Carolina we went to Chincoteague Island.  Here was very incredible because we got to see wild horses and we also went to a farm to ride tamed horses. This was all an amazing experience.

The 12 Days of Christmas!!!

At our school we did a play called the 12 Days of Christmas I played one of the four calling birds. We got to use some fake cell phones and we pretended to call a whole bunch of people.  We made our very own costumes for the play.  First we got white shirts and used felt and tissue paper to make wings go across our arms then we put a little bit of color in our hair for fun while we waited for our play to start.  It took us a while to get on stage because some of us kept stepping on the string on accident or we stepped on theirs it was pretty funny!!!!

Christmas Shopping (for pets!!!)

It is now December and it is time for some Christmas shopping but today we specifically went shopping for the pets!!!  This is because I love my pets so much and animals mean just as much so today I went shopping for the guinea pigs cats and dogs.  For the guinea pigs I got them mainly chew toys so I got one a small house made out of hay to chew on and a dangling chew toy including another chew toy shaped in a cube.  For the cats we got the some catnip to put in some of there old warn out ones and a scratching post.  Lastly we got the dogs new collars cause the others are fading from being chewed on and taken on and off.  Happy December!!!