Today I went on a field trip to a college science camp to go into a hands on science museum.  The thing that me and my friends enjoyed most was getting electrified.  First one of my friends went and fell off the stool he was standing on another time he started to sing when he got shocked ( sometimes you just can’t help singing).  Luckily I chose not to get electrified  ( do not try this at home!!!) but it was a completely safe experience!!!

First Day Of School

Today was my first day of school I became a fifth grader and have amazing and humorous teachers and friends!!! I have ten  periods of my school day one special and many classes!!!  Some of my classes are english, E.L.A.,  math, science, social studies, art, music, band, PE, and library.  Also after school I also have a two hour practice after school.  If it was anybody else’s first day on September 5th comment down below!!!  I know this is going to be a stressful, exciting, and wonderful year!!!