Christmas Shopping (for pets!!!)

It is now December and it is time for some Christmas shopping but today we specifically went shopping for the pets!!!  This is because I love my pets so much and animals mean just as much so today I went shopping for the guinea pigs cats and dogs.  For the guinea pigs I got them mainly chew toys so I got one a small house made out of hay to chew on and a dangling chew toy including another chew toy shaped in a cube.  For the cats we got the some catnip to put in some of there old warn out ones and a scratching post.  Lastly we got the dogs new collars cause the others are fading from being chewed on and taken on and off.  Happy December!!!

3 thoughts on “Christmas Shopping (for pets!!!)”

  1. Sounds like you made some great purchases! We got Snickers a large , plush sheep and some special biscuits that I got when I was at a craft show in Pennsylvania last weekend. She is going to have her picture taken with Santa this weekend to benefit a local animal rescue, so that should be fun. Enjoy preparing for the holidays!

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