Halloween DIY Costumes

One of my favorite holidays is Halloween.  So it is always a struggle to pick a really neat costume.  So here are some easy DIY Halloween costumes.

  1.  Smarty Pants (All you do is super glue some of the candy smarties to your pants and a nerdy shirt!)
  2. Holy Cow (This is one of the funnier costumes so all you need is a halo some angel wings a white shirt and glue on some black polka dots for the cow look.)
  3. Social Butterfly( this is one of the easiest ones because all you need is to print out some of your favorite apps onto a shirt then some wings and antenas for the butterfly.
  4. Minnie Mouse (For the classic Minnie Mouse all you need is some ears white gloves paint your nose black and some red lipstick!!!!!!)

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