Since it is the beginning of the school year and teachers and students are still trying to get into the routine of the day. So today was my first real clarinet lesson that I had since the beginning of the summer which was like forever ago so I was super excited to meet the new band teacher.  So when I got to school he was like super nice he was very kind the times I messed up and super supportive!!!  He showed me some new rhymes and songs that will help me improve me as a clarinet player:).

3 thoughts on “Clarinets”

  1. Hi Lily-I enjoyed this entry very much! It reminded me of a story about a young clarinet player who was visiting New York City. With her clarinet case in hand she visited many wonderful sites. But she wasn’t sure how to get to the location that was number one on her wish list. So, she asked a well-dressed gentleman who was also carrying an instrument case just like hers how to get to Carnegie Hall. He answered with a single word: “Practice.” Keep up your fine work-Love Poppy


  2. Glad you are back to music lessons. Sounds like you have a nice teacher. Keep up the good work. Hope your knee feels better ! Love ya!


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