An Outdoor Adventure

The other day I let my guinea pigs go outside for the very first time!!!  We did it one at a time so we could keep an eye on them easier.  First we did Bailey it took a little time for her to get used to it.  We set her on the grass she tried to eat it  but we decided not to let her because we were unsure if it was good for her or not so we didn’t take the chance.  After around ten minutes we saw she got a little braver and she started to run around like she does in her cage!!!  It was exciting knowing she is now comfortable in a new environment!!!

Next was A.J. she was really brave when we took her out she immediately started tor run she was a little to brave for me so we had to bring her back inside so she can go in her cage and relax.  Knowing that A.J. was so brave outside we decided to wait to do Luna!!!  Although we were unable to bring Luna out it was still an exciting day.

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