Meet My Pets

Welcome back today I will be talking about all of my pets so get ready because I have a whole lot!!!  First I have three wonderful guinea pigs they are named Luna,A.J. (A.J. stands for Apple Juice My brother named her), and I also have Bailey.  Luna and Bailey are sisters they are almost a year old A.J. is around eight months. Some things they like to do is eat fruits and veggies, be playful, and hide in pillow cases.

The next animal is a rabbit! She is about eight years old and has a beautiful black coat, a big fluffy tail, and a bright pink nose.  Some things Midnight enjoys doing is hopping under heaters, hiding under blankets, and sleeping.  Midnight is a very sweet and playful rabbit.

I also have two amazing dogs named Dobbie and Toby.  Dobbie is a little chihuahua who we found lost about a year ago we decided to give him a home so we adopted him!!!  Dobbie has big eyes and ears and is super sweet.  He enjoys going on walks, eating my brothers army men, and playing with Toby.  Toby is a black lab coon hound mix.  He is five years old and enjoys playing with Dobbie, chasing our cats, and snuggling.  These two dogs are incredible:).

We also have three cats they are super fun to hang out with and play with.  One  is an eight year old tabby cat who enjoys eating, relaxing, and trying to sneak out doors because she is an indoor cat.  Her name is Evie and she belongs to my sister she is super fat and has little tail.  She is a great companion and a great pet!!!  The other two are calicos they are named Orange Face and Callie.  Callie is my kitten she is four years old and enjoys being the center of attention, sleeping, and hunting for mice.  She is super sassy and and sneaky and incredible!!!  Orange Face is a seven year old and she enjoys  stalking the guinea pigs, sleeping, and eating her treats!!!  They are incredible cats:).

The final animal is my pet fish who is named Cat Bait.  He loves to hide under his Indian Almond Leaf, swim in the plant that is in the fish tank, and looking at the guinea pigs at night.  He is a wonderful betta!!!

There is also a chicken she is unnamed and currently live at my best friends house!!!

This is all of our pets SO FAR Thank you for reading my blog!!!







4 thoughts on “Meet My Pets”

  1. Just found this entry also. You do have a lot of pets. Who feeds them and cleans cages, etc.? They must be very busy! Pets are so nice to have, enjoy them!


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