Just Bead It

Today we had lots of fun at a neat store where you just bead it.  Here you are able to make anklets, necklaces, bracelets, and decorations for your hair.  I decided to make a necklace so I can where it all the time.  It took forever because there were so many interesting and cool beads.  You have tons of choices and we all had a very hard time deciding!!!  Finally when we all had choices we started building.  I chose some aqua beads, two of my birthstones and for my charm I chose a giraffe. It was a a beautiful necklace when it completed!!!  I was the first one to finish and when we were checking out knowing me I dropped it so then I had to start from scratch but it was still a good time.:)

2 thoughts on “Just Bead It”

  1. We did have a good time and I just love the necklace you made. I love the color! Can’t believe our days are almost gone. You have done so many fun things, memories forever!!!


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