RIP Ricky

The other day we turned a very sad event into a happy experience!  We saw a poor turtle walking across the road and an unfocused driver ran the poor thing over, they scooted it onto the side of the road and drove away.   Then we ran to the other side of the road to make sure it was okay but the shell was snapped into several pieces.

We were all very sad about this but at the same time we had to run over to the sandcastle contest.  So we changed our plans for the sandcastle and we made a beautiful turtle and her babies walking across the road to show TURTLES ARE CROSSING OFTEN SLOW DOWN!!!  It was a fun time we all got bracelets and a ribbon for second place.  We named the turtle Ricky and thought it was a good day because we showed a good lesson in our sandcastle and we will remember the lesson and poor turtle forever!

Here is a shout out to my followers thank you for following me especially to my teachers!!!

3 thoughts on “RIP Ricky”

  1. Poor Ricky! I’m so glad you gave him a nice tribute. I wish people would just slow down, not just for turtles but everyone and everything! Would you like to have a pet turtle?


    1. You would take good care of one if you had it. I was very sorry to see Ricky in that state. When I was in the south, I saw lots of sea turtle nests. They were very interesting.


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