End Of Summer Blues:(

Sadly it is getting to be the end of summer for me and I am a little upset but I am looking forward to managing the varsity soccer team, riding horses after school, learning new things, and most importantly seeing all of my friends and making new ones:)

Right now we are half way through our summer vacation.  Some of the things I am still looking forward to this summer is Just Bead It where I am able to make my own jewelry, mini golfing, arcade, and climbing the lighthouse.  Well I am excited to do all this but I am sad because in a week we will be heading home and leaving Long Beach Island.

I will keep you updated while I try to enjoy the rest of my summer!!!







5 thoughts on “End Of Summer Blues:(”

  1. I always have mixed feelings about the summer ending. And this summer, the weather was more wet and cool than I would like, so I feel like I didn’t get to the pool or the beach as much as I wanted. I know that you will have a wonderful last week at Long Beach Island, and carry those memories with you back to upstate NY. And your fall plans sound exciting! It is a lot of fun to see this blog and watch you learn and grow. Thank you for sharing your slice of life with us!
    Your Jersey friend,
    Miss Klein


  2. Sounds like you have great plans for your final week on Long Beach Island. You will have so many memories to bring home with you and they will hopefully carry you through the winter. The Jersey Shore is a special place, as are the mountains where you live. So glad that you can experience both! I hope the weather clears up so you can fully enjoy your last week on the beach. I am feeling a bit of the “end of summer blues” myself. There is never enough beach or pool time for me! It is so neat to see your view of life in this blog. Great job on all your entries!


  3. It has been a great summer! Sad that it is almost over. However, I am looking forward to the fun that comes with the school season.


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