Horsing Around

Are there any girls out there who are looking for a horse?   I don’t have a horse but I do have a wonderful horse that I am able to ride!  His name is Bo. He is a 14 year old boy who very much enjoys horsing around.  When I go to put him back in the pasture he goes to where all of the fresh dirt is and gets his well groomed coat all dirty and covers himself with mud.  I go to my friend’s farm to ride him 🙂 She is in college and is a really good friend and teacher!  There are so many other horses she has.  My sister rides a huge horse named Red he is also a really good boy who enjoys horsing around.

… Mom & Dad I am not horsing around get me a horse!!!


4 thoughts on “Horsing Around”

  1. Loved horseback riding when I was younger. Haven’t had a chance to do it in a long time, but your post takes me back to how much I enjoyed it. Great job, Lily! I love reading your blog!


  2. My early recollection of horses goes back to around 1948. As a young lad of seven or eight, I spent many summer days at Cobblestone Farm. They still were using horses for field work and I recall watching Len, the foreman plowing with his team. I remember several things about that day, how tanned the back of his neck was and how it was creased from working so many hours in the sun..And his horses, working at a steady, unhurried pace and how he gently spoke to them as they plowed the field. What else do I recall? Perhaps most remembered was the dim stall where the horses ended their day of labor. Its sights and sounds still linger with me-the leather harness hung on a wooden peg for another day, the horses at rest, all-in-all a sense that all was well. Cobblestone farm is no longer. Len and his horses have been gone for well over a half century. But many times I think of them, a gentle man and his gentle horses and how good those days were.


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