Dive Into A Great Book

My day started with a trip to the local bookstore (The Book Worm).  The Book Worm is one of my favorite bookstores.  I picked up two interesting books… Drama & Owls.  I’m a bit of a book worm myself so I finished the entire book Drama in a day.  I read constantly on the beach, on my bed and in my backyard.

Then surprisingly while I was on the beach reading my book cover to cover I noticed a couple of dolphins jumping in the water.  They were absolutely beautiful and there was an entire pod.  Then I started to take pictures of them over and over.

BTW, do you think owls and dolphins like worms as much as I do?


4 thoughts on “Dive Into A Great Book”

  1. I like the Book Worm also. They ordered two books by my favorite author. I will pick them up on Friday. Perhaps I will see you there!


  2. I like the Book Worm store too. I try to read all the cat books I can find. Right now I am reading a story about a hermit. He stayed by himself, in the woods for 27 years. I do not think I want to be a hermit. How about you?


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